Salt Point has become the cooler mecca for sport climbing during hot summer days. With the 2 hour drive time and tough to find lead walls, it is often the spot to be on warm Bay Area weekends.


Aside from rope climbing, some stellar boulders can also be found…if you can find them. From V0 to more intermediate and some advanced problems, High Tide doesn’t have to mean home. With a wide variety of highballs, classic blocs and some test pieces, Salt Point has a little of everything.


Salt Point, California

Salt Point State Park is a hub of pure sport climbing lines, attracting many climbers from the Bay Area. A more secluded spot rarely explored by the masses, salt point stays in pristine condition with limited foot traffic, almost no trash on the ground and frequent undisturbed wildlife.


From easier climbs where beginners can learn, to more advanced climbers who need a good test piece, Salt Point can deliver. Areas such as Shipwreck Wall (pictured here) have a concentration of stellar climbs that can cater to all level climbers.

Unfortunately due to the location of many of these walls, watching the tide has to become a habit. Checking a website such as BASK will prove worth your time (Link to the Salt Point tides location below). Many of these areas are not accessible at high tides and often times at the lower locations, you may see people tying their bags down just on case a sneaker wave breaks too close.