Photo By Miguel Elias, Bishop Pass CA

Photo By Miguel Elias, Bishop Pass CA

Sophi Rutherford

Sophi is a climber and freelance photographer, as well as a perfectionist, minimalist, and gear nerd. She is also known for being an irrational dreamer and go-getter when it comes to impossible challenges. Dragging her ever willing climbing partners on heinous trips and share her knowledge is a passion. The six holes in her unwashed pants, solid stem cams, velcro approach shoes and big dreams keep her charged and doing what she loves; belaying, climbing and documenting climbers and adventure.

With experience climbing and using rope systems (maybe some improvised and more on the creative side), Sophi loves finding new ways to document climbing, adventure, and experiences. Making people feel as though they could accomplish the impossible is what drives her to create. She is currently working on improving her storytelling through photography as well as motion videos.

Current Climbing Projects: Cat’s Squirrel (12a Free), Pat and Jacks Area in Yosemite

Favorite Crag Snack: Banana Runts