Sophi Rutherford

Sophi is a photographer, filmmaker and climber based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating from Marin School of the Arts in 2016 with a specialty in photography and painting, Sophi started working full time and spent her free time working on photography and climbing. In the beginning of 2019 her first publication was featured in Marin Magazine with an article on climbing alongside her photography.

In April of 2019 Sophi left her secure full-time job at a surf shop to commit all of her time to photography, writing, filmmaking, and climbing.

Sophi lives to document and tell the stories of climbers and adventurers in their elements. Her inspirations are mixed but all draw from the common element of unexplored areas and hard projects (both on and off the rock). In time she hopes to document first ascents, big climbing projects and other cultures influenced or impacted by climbers.


Phone: (415) 336-3846


As a budding photographer and struggling artist, I have come across many foundations and initiatives I would love to support. I am currently unable to give my support but happy to add a voice to their cause.

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