Marin Magazine photos with captions. All photos are available in black and white and color

001- Alex looks at The Captain from Taft Point, Yosemite National Park

003- Alex waits on belay

005- Miguel Belays in Yosemite National Park

007- Liam working his way up Conductor Crack, Yosemite National Park

009- Miguel attempts the Ironman Traverse in Bishop, CA

011- Sophi takes a moment while working a squeeze portion of an offwidth

013- Mark balancing on crimps in Yosemite

015- Ashley in the squeeze portion of Generator Crack

017- Alex looking for pods on an unnamed finger crack in Yosemite National Park

019- All smiles in Yosemite

021- First light in the Bishop Pass (currently not 8x10)

00-2 Mark makes his way up Tennessee Wall in Yosemite National Park

004- Liam patiently teaching how us new skills on Generator Crack

006- Broken and bloodied feet after a hard battle

008- Sophi works her project in Yosemite

010- Mark on the second pitch of his new climb

012- Miguel getting acquainted with thin crack climbing

014- Poor weather, good climbing (currently not 8x10)

016- Maddie works a boulder in Red Rocks, Nevada

018- A Climber works a highball boulder

020- Mark leading a new route near The Cookie Cliff in Yosemite National Park